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We have experts who know Sudan very well, they were born and raised in it, and they also traveled all around the world, so they have enough experience to design tours that suit everyone and they are totally capable of making everyone's visit to Sudan an unforgettable experience.

Best Guides

Our tours led by a band of highly trained guides, we have a unique positive energy combined with training and professionalism that you'll find no where else

Incredible Value

When it comes to international travel, high quality value can truly be the difference between a good tour and an incredible one.

Experiences, not sightseeing

An adventurer like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Our Tours

Experience more with our packages.

7 Days . 6 Night

The Kingdoms of The Desert

In this tour we will take you from the Confluence of the Blue and White Niles to the Desert

14 Days . 13 Night

History and Beauty

we will visit most of the monuments of the ancient civilizations and the natural reserves on the Red Sea

2 Days . 1 Night

Kush Camp

Visiting the ruins of ancient Meroe civilization which is considered one of the most important civilizations in Africa and Nile Valley

9 Days . 8 Night

Hidden Treasures

In this 9 days long tour we will discover Sudan's treasures that are hidden in its old kingdoms,

13 Days . 12 Nights


beautiful and stunning Nubian villages , the most spectacular Nile scenic’s and colorful local markets

Full Day

Meroë Sites

Meroe Sites, a semi-desert landscape between the Nile and Atbara rivers, was the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush

10 Days . 9 Night

Black Pharaohs

we will get to discover the greatness of Black Pharaohs by visiting the ruins of their ancient civilizations

Full Day

Khartoum City Tour

Khartoum is the Bride of the Nile that lies on six banks of three rivers; White Nile, Blue Nile and the Great River Nile


What's Included

All what you need to make your tour fun, enjoyable and unforgettable through providing hotel reservations that suits you and your budgets for long tours in addition to the ability to visit historical sites and tourism monuments in the visited locations with highly professional tour guides in addition to providing all meals and mineral water and hot beverages during the tours.

Visa assistance

We provide visa Services & Assistance for all countries. In certain areas where applicant need not appear in person we arrange visa for Sudan.

Meeting at airport

Whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, we’ll make sure you’re well looked after on your arrival. We’ll fast-track you through all the airport formalities.


All hotel reservations during your stay with the option of choosing the hotels and motels that suit you and suit your budget


Visiting all important tourism monuments and historical sites in the visited locations with providing permits for taking photographs.


Serving all the main meals during the tours along with mineral water and hot beverages.

Expert Guides

Providing highly professional tour guides for all of the tours and visits to historical sites and important locations

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We offer tours of new and old landmarks & attractions in Sudan. Experience the best parts of this wonderful Sudan with fun for the whole family!

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