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The Bride of the Nile

Khartoum is the Bride of the Nile that lies on six banks of three rivers; White Nile, Blue Nile and the Great River Nile, and in this tour you'll be able to watch the magic of the city represented in its humans and the traditions of its inhabitants and its history and heritage, you will roam in its traditional markets and its alleys, you will listen to its tales, visit its museums and drink coffee in the shade of its trees to talk about its beauty and its sun and its humans


Providing permits for taking photographs of all of the tourism sites during the tour so you can document your journey


Serving all the main meals during the tours along with mineral water and hot beverages.


Visiting all important tourism monuments and historical sites in the visited locations

Expert Guides

Providing highly professional tour guides for all of the tours and visits to historical sites and important locations

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Full Day
  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Expert Guide
  • Meal
  • Photography
Full Day
  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Expert Guide
  • Meal
  • Photography
Full Day
  • Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Expert Guide
  • Meal
  • Photography

Trip Itinerary

Pick up from hotel for a full day Khartoum city tour. This tour includes Sudan National Museum, Khalifa's House Museum, Souq Omdurman, Nile cruse, Hamed el-Nil Tomb, transfer back to your hotel.

7:30 AM

Sit Alshay
Drinking tea and coffee in the Sudanese way, which will be made by the "Sit Alshay" which is one of the most popular small enterprises in Sudan, in the middle of Alsouq Alarabi (Arabic Market), which is one of the oldest marketplaces in Khartoum.

8:30 AM

National Museum
We will take a tour inside this museum, which is considered as the memory of ancient Sudan, as it contains antiques that date back to 3500BC. The museum consists of a yard and a two story building, the first floor tells the stories of the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush and Merowe, and it contains many royal statues from these kingdoms, and the second floor contains many murals from the Christian era and the Middle Ages in Sudan, and in the yard there are some temples that were taken from Halfa city after the construction of Aswan Dam and the formation of Lake Nasser.

10:00 AM

Khalifa’s House Museum
We will take a tour in this museum, which contains some collectables from Mahdist era in Sudan, which is considered one of the most important events of Sudan’s modern history, and after that we will visit the tomb of Al Mahdi who was the leader of the Mahdist Revolution which is 100 meters away from there.

11:30 AM

Souq Omdurman
After that we will head north to take a tour on foot in one of the biggest and most popular traditional markets in Sudan where you can enjoy the amazing Afro-Arab diversity in its alleys, you will see with your own eyes how leather crafts and copper and silver ware are made with hands, here you’ll get a rare opportunity to see Sudanese heritage and folklore in an unforgettable experience.

1:30 PM

AL- Mogran – The Confluence of the Niles
We will have lunch on a small boat in the Blue Nile heading to the point where it joins the White Nile in one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in Sudan and Africa, where the two Niles merge to form the Great River Nile.

3:30 PM

Hamed el-Nil Tomb
We will get back to Omdurman, but this time to watch one of rarest and most beautiful scenes ever, which is where you see the Dervishes in their colorful attire, dancing and singing to the rhythms of drums in the middle of one of the most popular graveyards in Omdurman, which contains the grave of the one of the Sufi Sheikhs, and the annual festival is one of the ways Sufis use to show their love of Allah and worshiping him.

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It was one of the best experiences of my life. I thank to all friendly awesome people who had a part in it; from the driver Mr. welid to the top management. I also send special thanks to our guide Ibrahim, who is probably the coolest man of Sudan
Fikret Palta
Dear Samo,Thank you sooo much for your help in making our stay easy, interesting and full of memories about your country. We found our trip to Meroe fantastic and the night in the desert was one of the highlights. Express our thanks to the driver, please!
Philippe Cordey
Director / Cinematographer
Great experience with DGL Travel! I highly recommend it! They save you from the headache of organizing everything!
Khalda Omer Abuelgasim

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Khartoum City Tour

Khartoum is the Bride of the Nile that lies on six banks of three rivers; White Nile, Blue Nile and the Great River Nile


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