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African Girl Lyrics, a song by Salute Yal Bannot

Salute Yal bannot is an all girl band which was created in the “Yalla Khartoum” workshop with the Africa American artist Akua Naru. The band consists of 11 Ladies, 7 on vocals and 4 playing the instruments which are guitar, drums, bass guitar and piano … Read More

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Exploring Sudan: a desert journey in pictures

To the wider world, the North African nation of Sudan is often seen as a place of untold horror. A burning and featureless desert where war, genocide and misery are the norm. And although some aspects of this image are grounded in truth, for the most part, the popular impression couldn’t be more off the mark. … Read More

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Sudan (Roua) | 100 Years of Beauty

About 100 Years of Beauty It explores the different looks in Sudan from 40 BC until today. The content in this video does not by any means cover the rich history of Sudanese beauty from the country’s diverse regions. Lastly, all looks recreated were adapted from original footage dating to the respective decades … Read More

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