Sudan has a unique geographic location in both Africa and the Arab world as a country with multiple cultures, languages, religions and economic activities, as it has a hybrid culture that is both African and Arab, a culture that differs in the looks but its united in the essence, and the difference and unity are manifested in the peoples' heritage.

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The most important aspects of the Sudanese culture are the geographic location, natural environment, demographic composition and the historical factor in religion and language. When indigenous people feel like there is some danger on their existence and unity, the first reaction is getting back to that unity and cherishing it, and the first thing that is taken in consideration is heritage that distinguishes that particular group. Groups might be big or small, as it might be a small ethnic group, a tribe or an entire nation, and this heritage might be in the shape of songs, folk poems, r particular traditions or beliefs or might be all of that together, and sometimes groups are connected by other cultural manifestations, such as language, clothing or general social lifestyle, and the Sudanese share a lot of commonalities in their national heritage and they gave similar beliefs and traditions. Sudanese people have natural readiness to unite and support one another and this connection is clear in families, neighborhoods and tribes and there are many proverbs, tales and traditions that serve their unity.

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