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Why Sudan?

Sudan has a unique geographic location in both Africa and the Arab world as a country with multiple cultures, languages, religions and economic activities, as it has a hybrid culture that is both African and Arab, a culture that differs in the looks but its united in the essence, and the difference and unity are manifested in the peoples' heritage.

Land of Diversity

Here in Sudan, there us over four hundred tribes with different looks and diverse cultures and speak over one hundred languages with over five hundred local dialects, so you can imagine the cultural and art heritage produced by this great diversity in Sudan, that is manifested in folklore, songs, music, dance and lifestyles.

Land of Civilizations

The land of Kush and Meroe, the birthplace of Taharqa and Piye and Kandakas (Candaces), the land of black Pharaohs, the biggest number of pyramids in the world , the land of the confluence of the two Niles, Sudan is the land of generous hospitality and breathtaking diversity.

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A country this beautiful and with such exceptionally diverse history and geography, culture and people needs to be known to the entire world and its heritage has to be seen by all those who love to watch the diversity of human civilizations and it needs to be visited by those who are interested in civilizations and history.

Why Tour with Us?

We have experts who know Sudan very well, they were born and raised in it, and they also traveled all around the world, so they have enough experience to design tours that suit everyone and they are totally capable of making everyone's visit to Sudan an unforgettable experience.

Our Tours

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7 Days . 6 Night

The Kingdoms of The Desert

In this tour we will take you from the Confluence of the Blue and White Niles to the Desert

14 Days . 13 Night

History and Beauty

we will visit most of the monuments of the ancient civilizations and the natural reserves on the Red Sea

2 Days . 1 Night

Kush Camp

Visiting the ruins of ancient Meroe civilization which is considered one of the most important civilizations in Africa and Nile Valley

9 Days . 8 Night

Hidden Treasures

In this 9 days long tour we will discover Sudan's treasures that are hidden in its old kingdoms,

13 Days . 12 Nights


beautiful and stunning Nubian villages , the most spectacular Nile scenic’s and colorful local markets

Full Day

Meroë Sites

Meroe Sites, a semi-desert landscape between the Nile and Atbara rivers, was the heartland of the Kingdom of Kush

10 Days . 9 Night

Black Pharaohs

we will get to discover the greatness of Black Pharaohs by visiting the ruins of their ancient civilizations

Full Day

Khartoum City Tour

Khartoum is the Bride of the Nile that lies on six banks of three rivers; White Nile, Blue Nile and the Great River Nile


Beautiful Sudan

if you want to see where the great Nile starts where the White and Blue Niles meet in a rare view, you should visit Sudan, the melting pot of the civilizations, the land with the most friendly and hospitable and the most diverse people in the world.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. I thank to all friendly awesome people who had a part in it; from the driver Mr. welid to the top management. I also send special thanks to our guide Ibrahim, who is probably the coolest man of Sudan
Fikret Palta
Dear Samo,Thank you sooo much for your help in making our stay easy, interesting and full of memories about your country. We found our trip to Meroe fantastic and the night in the desert was one of the highlights. Express our thanks to the driver, please!
Philippe Cordey
Director / Cinematographer
Great experience with DGL Travel! I highly recommend it! They save you from the headache of organizing everything!
Khalda Omer Abuelgasim

Specials & Packages

Choose from our comprehensive list of guided, sightseeing, and family DGL packages. We also offer group and corporate rates!


25% Off

Bagrawiyah Pyramids

Visiting one of the most important and most famous historical tourism monuments in Sudan to get to know the ruins of the Meroetic Civilization.


25% Off


A special tour to visit all of the main and important museums in Khartoum and Omdurman


25% Off

Nubian Wrestling

Enjoying wrestling in the Sudanese way, which is considered one of the most beautiful folk sports of the residents of Nuba Mountains

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